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Would you like to create sound pieces and / or songs inspired by VozTerra's soundscapes? You can use this material as an input to create your own work. If you are interested please e-mail us at

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Download our sound library in WAV format


Multitudes in the darkness

Marcela Arango - 2020

Workshop project for Holistic Sciences and Sustainable Life - Butterfly Effect + Schumacher College 2019-2020 Bogotá - Colombia

There was a child went forth every day... (Walt Whitman)

Nina Bendzko - Diana María Restrepo Restrepo - 2020

A video-poem for children and for those who never stop being so. Inspired by the love for nature shared by Nina Bendzko and Diana María Restrepo Restrepo. Sounds of Caquetá and images of Subachoque. Video produced for the launch of a new series of la colección La Lira Lila.