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Chapter 3

Sounds from your Window


This is the first single and video clip for the track ´SUBA-COTA 1996´ created by the Colombian artist –Vilamarea– and that will be part of the first music album ´Kaputt.wav Vol II - Reserva / VozTerra´. This track contains sounds from the recordings made by VozTerra in the La Conejera Wetland located at the border of the Van der Hammen Reserve in Bogotá.

Carlos Hurtado (Vilamarea), artist and producer of –SUBA-COTA 1996– says: –In this song there is nostalgia, sadness, concern, but there is also hope and there is all the beauty that I got to know thanks to my grandfather and what I want to show to my son one day.

The video clip for this song was created by the Colombian Visual Artist MARIO ARROYAVE. We invite you to enjoy this unique sound on your favourite music streaming platforms.

The global alert and preventive isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic generated changes in the daily lives of many people, cities and countries. –Stay at home– was an immediate call to Stop and Listen. Life outside home was reduced to getting supplies and sort out emergencies. Relationships among people were established through electronic devices and social media. Virtual platforms became the place for dialogue and interaction and outside our homes, beyond our windows, we realized that the soundscapes of cities were enormously transformed. Human sound footprint was drastically reduced, allowing us to hear the biodiversity around urban spaces. This new silence left space for other voices that are also part of our daily urban lives but that under normal conditions we cannot always hear.

For VozTerra, whose mission is to bring people closer to nature through sound, these complex historical moments were conducive for motivating citizens around the world to record the sounds captured from their windows and encouraging individual changes that could lead to their protection.

Initially, the call to action –Sounds from your Window– was launched on April 2020, through an alliance with The Ghetto Project, a Club in Bogotá, which invited its large digital audience to record sounds from their windows during quarantine.

These audios selected along by The Ghetto Project and the sound material that VozTerra has collected from various ecosystems were given to DJs from the world electronic music circuit to perform electronic musical pieces for the “Dance Floor”. These tracks are part of a physical vinyl type album, released by the Ghetto Project label: Kaputt Records.

The call was extended to musicians, bands and sound artists of various genres and at this moment we are in the production of two more albums that will be distributed on digital platforms.

Sounds from your Window is a campaign produced with the support from the Museum for the United Nations UN-Live.

From your windows

Sounds recorded by our friends from their windows


Landscapes, places, colors, and textures.

Chapter 3, Sounds from your Windows was possible with collaboration and support of: