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VozTerra is a multidisciplinary collective seeking to become a change generator regarding climate change and biodiversity protection. Our goal is to empower citizens into taking action towards a more sustainable world via connecting them with ecosystems by listening to its natural sounds and the messages of the communities that inhabit these territories. Through these interactions, VozTerra seeks to create awareness in its audience and to invite them to take non traditional actions that might help reduce climate crisis and protect biodiversity.

Stop, Listen, Take Action

The group VozTerra was created in August 2019 by Lany Arévalo, Héctor Buitrago, Rafael Puyana, Diana Restrepo and Daniel Roa, whom, in collaboration with the United Nations Museum, UN Live Museum, decided to develop the VozTerra platform. VozTerra is an audio platform that was born with the purpose of raising a voice of awareness about the care of our natural ecosystems, opening spaces for listening and dialoguing with the communities

Diana Restrepo

vozTerra | Diana Restrepo

Sound artist and performer. She graduated in percussion in the Paris Conservatoire and did Master studies in the Sound Studies program of the University of Arts in Berlin. Her concerns point towards personal and collective memory as plastic matter and it’s relations with sound, physical and affective facts. She has worked in soundscape, radio, sound design and installations. She has extensive experience managing and curating artistic and cultural projects.

Daniel Roa

vozTerra | Daniel Roa

Musician, composer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in sound production and post-production. He designs workshops for the creation of group songs as a tool to create awareness, to open consciousness and for self-empowerment. He has done projects focused in the use of new recording technologies to create contents and capture sound prints.

Hector Buitrago

vozTerra | Hector Buitrago

Musician and Producer. Member of the emblematic Colombian band Aterciopelados that throughout it’s career has managed to socially influence on issues regarding Environment, Women and Ancestrality. Environmental Activist Co-Founder of the Water Protection Network - Cantoalagua, active since 2010 and present in more than 15 countries, a network that recognizes the importance of Water not only as a vital liquid source of Life but also as an element that allows the unification, organization and citizen interaction.


vozTerra | Lany Arevalo

Biologist with an MD in International Social Development and Yoga and Meditation Instructor. She has worked on Ecological Restoration projects, projects with vulnerable communities facilitating human rights workshops and using yoga and meditation as tools to build up peace. She believes in the importance of citizens connecting with nature, and that taking care of it will come as a result.

Rafael Puyana

vozTerra | Rafael Puyana

New media artist, interactive Creative Director, Educator and LiveCoder. He has explored the intersections between art, design and technology. He has worked in the digital landscape for around 15 years for projects and companies in Colombia, Canada, United States and Mexico. He currently supports companies and special projects into the crystallization of their ideas in prototypes and digital tangible products: applications, mobile, web, installations, AR/VR, etc.

Vozterra in action