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This Toolkit has various activities so that a facilitator can experience the Sound Map together with his/her own group, from knowledge, art and meditation and through conscious LISTENING. These activities will allow you to connect and talk with the ecosystems of both your city and your country and other places on Earth.

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Express through creativity:

For many, the way to express oneself is through creativity. Here you will find activities to express your feelings towards the Van der Hammen Reserve and the wetland La Conejera through art and music.

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Connect with the ecosystems of your city through meditation and relaxation:

To listen consciously is to bring one’s mind to the present moment. The nature of the mind is to be active, jumping from here to there and the meditation practice helps us to silence our mind and allows it to simply be in total presence perceiving the world with greater clarity and understanding. Here you will find meditation exercises and a deep relaxation exercise.

Foto Conversa Conocimiento VozTerra Project

Dialogue through Knowledge

Getting to know the Thomas Van der Hammen Reserve and the Wetland La Conejera, as well as their surroundings, allows us to be aware of the importance of protecting these life reserves. Here we can create roadmaps to generate concrete actions and thus helps us to mitigate Climate Change.

Here you will find the following activities:

  • Actions for climate change.
  • Importance of the Thomas Van der Hammen Reserve and the Wetland La Conejera for Bogota.
  • I listen to the Soundscape in my environment.
Foto Sensibilización VozTerra Project

Listening and Awareness Workshop

In the world in which we live due to sound contamination, over-stimulation of all the senses at all times, very few of us know how to listen. Listening is being in the present moment. We are almost always guided by the sense of sight, leaving aside the sense of listening. In this activity we can enter spaces of conscious listening.